A Safe Place for you to Create

In a world where you need to feel safe....

I have opened my studio to models who need a place to create.

For those of you who are contacted by photographers who want to work with you, you now have a safe place to shoot, without going to a hotel or a studio you are unfamiliar with.

We provide a studio room with lighting equipment, a private dressing room, a private bathroom, makeup and hair stations (and services if needed), and monitoring services. When you rent the studio, a monitor will always be there. That will never NOT be an option.

We want you to be able to explore your creative side. Eva Seraphine Studios was built on creativity and conceptual work, so that is what we offer our space for.

We are NOT available for porn, shootouts, or Only Fan's work. We are not here for the guy/girl with a camera to just come in and shoot nudes because he can. You must have a creative concept to rent the studio.

Rental Fees

Photographer and Model Fees

4 hour rental - $350 with $75 deposit
Hourly rental - $85 an hour
Lighting deposit (non-refundable) - $45
Gown rental - $35 per person
Shoe rental - $10 per person
Makeup/hair services - $100 per person

More About Me

What we need from you before renting

We will need to vet the person you are working with before they are allowed in the studio. This not only protects you, but it also protects us from problems down the road. So, when filling out the application, please make sure you have the photographers full name, their Instagram, Facebook or website information and an email we

can reach them at.

We will also need a breakdown of the concept you are shooting and approximately how long the concept will take you to shoot. We will also need at least two weeks' notice before scheduling. Our studio is quite busy and we can't always guarantee that the day you choose will be open.

We will also send out a contract to both you and your photographer with the rules and standards of the studio. This ensures that you all understand what is expected while shooting, with the understanding that breaking any of the rules could mean a lifetime ban from using the studio.