A Safe Place to Create

Safe Place is nothing more than an extension of Eva Seraphine Studios. It is created by one survivor, reaching out to others who want a way to channel their trauma, anxiety, and depression into creative and conceptual photography. It's a place to tap into your vulnerabilities and create art in a therapeutic and soul-healing way.

It's a way for people who want to be creative but don't know how to be part of the process anyway. We all have an artistic side, some just don't know yet. And for those who aren't able to find theirs, Safe Place allows you to tap into our creativity to tell the story you need to tell.

What it is....

It's about telling your story.

So many trauma survivors have a story to tell but just don't have the words to tell them.

In building a photography concept, we are able to tell a story that has many layers and elements that are left up to interpretation. This allows the subject to feel protected in how they tell their story.

And the viewer only sees what they choose to see while adding their experiences and filters to a visual I have created.

It's a barrier, a smokescreen per se, allowing the subject to express themselves uninhibitedly.

Why is this important?

As I'm not a therapist, I can't give you a formal reason as to why this is important.

What I can give you is my opinion, based on experience. I have done this for people before. I have built concepts around trauma for projects I have created, and in the process met some incredible survivors.

While we were shooting, I watched them get something out of the session I never thought I could imagine. It was almost as if they had released something insides themselves.

They were able to relate to the concept I or we had built, so much so, that they found new strength in it.

I myself, as a photographer, find that the creative process is quite therapeutic for me. It helps me work through my own past, anxieties, depression, and vulnerabilities.

And I want to share it with others.

It's not true therapy. It is just another form of self-reflection and healing through art. Another way to get in touch with the parts of yourself that you can't ignore while taking the necessary journey towards healing.

Do the photo sessions cost?

Unfortunately, as much as I would love to give everything for free, concepts above all, do cost.

Costuming, props, and special makeup can add up. So, I do have to charge a little to make up for that.

There is a $75 styling fee and you receive 2 photos from the session. You can, however choose to purchase more photos if you want.



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