The Survivors Chronicles

Its not just about surviving the trauma, it is about learning to live beyond it

The Survivor Chronicles Project is a project I launched in July 2021, with the intent to tell the story of survival and healing in a way most people of never heard before. Through photography and video, I hope to bring together a group of survivors of Domestic Abuse, Sexual Assault, Familial assault, and similar traumas so they can go deeper into the story than just what horrors they sustained. Usually, that is where the story ends. We tend to forget to start the next chapter. What happens after they finally escape? What happens 10 years down the road when they have finally found happiness and yet still can't find peace?

If you want to be part of this movement, please contact me. It will be a year-long journey to telling as many stories as I can! FILL out the questionnaire below and join our private Facebook group to participate! If you just want to follow the progress of the project, than head over to our PUBLIC page and stay up to date!